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6 Best 3D Printed Gift Ideas in 2023

Jul 27,2023 | 3D4Create

3D printing technology allows for endless creativity and customization for homemade gifts. With a desktop 3D printer, you can design completely personalized presents for any occasion. 

In this article, we’ll explore 6 great 3D printing gift ideas to try in 2023. These are unique items that can be tailored exactly to the recipient’s style, hobbies, and interests.

EasyThreed K9 3D Printer for Kids - Perfect STEM Learning Tool

EasyThreed K9 3D Printer for Kids


1. Custom Phone Cases

Personalized phone cases make for fantastic 3D printed gifts. Designing your own case allows you to customize the fit, look, and feel. Upload any image to create a one-of-a-kind photo case. Or use 3D modeling software to design cases with unique geometric patterns and textures.

Phone case 3D model templates are widely available online to make designing easy. Flexible TPU and rubber-like filaments provide good shock protection. For more durability, print with tough nylon or carbon fiber composites. 


2. Personalized Keychains

Keychains are another fun and easy 3D printing gift idea. Simple names and short texts can easily be integrated into many keychain design templates. For a practical gift, make custom keychains with built-in bottle openers, hooks, carabiners, and other useful tools.

Keychains also provide lots of room for creativity. Print detailed character keychains, like superheroes and video game characters, as unique gifts. Or go for cute and quirky designs, like a 3D selfie or pet likeness. 

6 Best 3D Printed Gift Ideas in 2023

Customized key chain (photo: Etsy)


3. Desk Organizers and Pen Holders

Pen holders can include names, quotes, or fun patterns tailored exactly to the recipient. For organizers, make compartments sized specifically for their most used office supplies. Those with artistic hobbies would love an organizer designed for their art tools and media. The practical nature of these desk accessories makes them gift-giving favorites.


4. Gaming Controller Grips

For the gamer in your life, 3D printed controller grips make excellent gifts. Controller grips simply slide onto the gamepad for enhanced comfort and grip during long gaming sessions.

Design fully customized wraps with the recipient’s name, gamer tag, and other text integrated into cool geometric patterns. Or, go for ergonomic grips contoured perfectly to their hand size and shape. Gaming controller grips printed as gifts are far superior to generic store-bought options.

6 Best 3D Printed Gift Ideas in 2023

3D printed controller grips (photo: cults3d)


5. Coasters and Mugs

3D printing allows completely one-of-a-kind drinkware gifts like personalized coasters and mugs. Many coaster designs feature slots to hold the recipient’s most frequently used drinkware for handy storage. Or go for more ornate patterns with integrated logos, slogans, or images meaningful to them.

Custom mugs can display names, photos, or special dates, like anniversaries and birthdays. For added functionality, design mugs with contours and textures for optimal grip. You can even 3D print mugs with double walls and a hollow layer for superior insulation.


6. Figurines and Miniatures

From adorable dinosaurs to majestic elephants, 3D printed figurines and miniatures make excellent gifts. Animal lovers will delight in receiving a uniquely personal figurine of their favorite creature. Choose colors and pose the model however you’d like.

Figurines can also be modeled after the gift recipient. Design a mini 3D printed caricature of them in a funny pose or outfit. Or go for a sweet family figurine with each member posed together. The options for custom figurines are endless.

3D Printed Dinosaur Toy Cute Stylized

3D printed dinosaurs toy



The wide range of possible 3D print gift ideas ensures you can create the perfect custom present. Use the ideas in this article as inspiration to brainstorm designs tailored specifically to your gift recipient. With a desktop 3D printer, you’re limited only by your creativity and imagination!



1. What are some good personalized 3D printed gift options?

Keychains, jewelry, phone cases, desk accessories, and wall art with custom text or images make great personalized gifts.

2. What 3D printed gifts tend to impress non-3D printing enthusiasts?

Artistic sculptures, geometric decor pieces, toys, gadgets, and custom accessories often appeal to those less familiar with 3D printing.

3. Are 3D printed gifts appropriate for professional or work events?

Practical items like business card holders, pen holders, organizational pieces, or vases can make good professional gifts.


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