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Best 50+ 3D Printed Fidget Toys to Keep Your Hands Busy in 2024

May 10,2024 | 3D4Create

Embark on a journey into the world of innovation with our carefully curated selection of the best 50+ 3D printed fidget toys, providing endless entertainment and relaxation for your hands in 2024.

PopKeys - The Triple Toggle Fidget Toy

The unique 'toggle' fidget toy which presses any key to release others, or locks it securely for stress relief. Try PopKeys today and enjoy fidgeting anew! Download from Maker World

Fidget Counter Clicky and Snappy Toy Assembly Kit

Whether you're in the mood for button-pushing or gear-spinning, this toy delivers endless fun. Assembly is a breeze with simple instructions included. Download from Maker World

Fidget Medal Trophy (customize and spin!)

Unlike ordinary static trophies, ours is fun, new, and unique! It prints seamlessly in place and spins like the popular Tactile Fidget Rings. Download from Maker World

Rotating Rings Toy

This rotating rings toy is perfect for fidgeting anywhere! Its smooth rotation and satisfying feel make it ideal for stress relief. Download from Printables

Yet Another Fidget Infinity Cube v2

With easier-to-print joints and increased durability, it offers the same enjoyment. Dive into fun worry-free! Download from Printables

Jellyfish Fidget Toy-Keychain

This adorable jellyfish toy symbolizes friendship. Download, print, and share with loved ones. Download from Cults

Slidable Sacabaambaspis Fish Fidget Toy

Modeled after ancient deep-sea fish, its cute shape and rhythmic clicking provide soothing sensations. Plus, it's easily portable with a keychain hole! Download from Cults

Pla Print in Place- Flexisqueeze

This captivating 'Print-in-place' anti-stress toy is perfect for both adults and children. Squeeze, stretch, and crush it for instant relaxation. Download from Cults

Infinite Slinky Stairs Zoetrope Spinner

The spinner toy is designed for multicolor or single-piece printing, with animated shapes that come to life when spun and viewed through a smartphone camera. Download from Maker World

Stretchy Springy Ghosts (3 Sizes)

These springy ghosts are perfect for printing and playtime. Simply separate the layers after printing for hours of stretchy fun. Download from Printables

Clicky Rotate Counter

Enjoy the satisfying click of the wheel as each number effortlessly comes to a stop, complete with easy snap-on assembly. Download from Printables

Tactile Fidget Rings (Spinning Fun Toy)

This rings is available in various styles. Additionally, our MIX versions where each ring features a unique texture. Download from Printables

Formula 1 Kit Card

It can be print without support, featuring a realistic Formula 1 keychain. With a realistic formula and handy print-in-place kit card, assembly is easy. Download from Printables

Clicker (Without Supports and Gluing)

Enjoy endless fidgeting with our small switch toy, complete with a satisfying 'click' sound. Download from Printables

Carrot Garden Layered Fidget Toy

It's a delightful carrot toy that blends gardening with entertainment. Transform any space into a playful haven with this adorable carrot patch. Download from Printables

Rubber Band Gun

This toy gun fires up to 3 shots per load, boasting a simple yet ingenious design, promising excitement with every pull. Download from Printables

Print in Place Helicopter

Experience the thrill of a spinning rotor with this easy-to-print design! No supports required for printing on its top surface. Download from Printables

Clicky Macaron Spinner

Enjoy soft-click sensations and effortless one-handed rotation with just your fingertips. Download from Printables

4 Leaf Clover Layered Fidget Toy

This mesmerizing 4 leaf clover layered toy is designed to keep your fingers busy and your mind sharp. Plus, it makes a perfect gift for friends! Download from Maker World

Gear Heart Fidget Toy Keychain

This charming accessory blends a heart shape with mesmerizing spinning gears, adding delight to your playtime. Download from Printables

Itty Bitty Fidget

This super tiny sliding toy, crafted with ingenuity to utilize less than 1.5m of filament. Download from Printables

Butterfly Knife - Print in Place - Balisong

Whether you're seeking a moment of relaxation or aiming to impress your friends, this delightful gadget is sure to exceed expectations. Download from Printables

OTF Fidget Knife - only 3 Parts

Make your own OTF (Out-The-Front) fidget knife with just three 3D printed parts! Compact and ideal for restless hands, providing endless fun for fidget enthusiasts. Download from Printables

Working Slot Machine

It features two lucky wheels spun by a spring mechanism. Display it on your desk using the feet on the back, and play for a thrilling experience! Download from Printables

Sliding Pill Box (Textured Organizer for Weekly Medication)

This pill box toy is a small, clicky toggle switch! With only four printable pieces, assemble it in under an hour and customize the "snap" effect with different spring options and materials. Download from Printables

Gravity Utility Knife

This gravity utility knife design is versatile for practical use or as a fidget toy with its toy blade option. Download from Printables

Rocket with Boosters (2 Sizes)

The toy is a fun rocket with extendable boosters for added excitement upon take-off. Available in two sizes. Download fron Printables

Articulated Great White Shark

This fidget toy model has 7 articulated segments with 2 movable fins for lifelike movement. Quick and support-free printing. Download from Maker World

Hexagon Superfidget - 35 Segment PIP Design

Get the ultimate printable fidget with 35 twistable, expandable, and collapsible segments. Hypnotically rearrange each piece for maximum distraction. Download from Printables

 3D print hexagon superfidget

TikTok Gravity Knife Fidget Toy - Improved Version

Enjoy endless fidgeting fun with our gravity knife toy! Simply flick your wrist to effortlessly open and close it—no screws or tools required. Download from Printables

Fidget Infinity Cube

This palm-sized cube delivers a deeply satisfying sensory experience for anxious minds. With switchable sides and spinning bearings, it offers captivating movements that enhance focus. Download from Printables

fidget infinity cube to 3D print

Joy Fidget

Reminiscent of a classic game controller, this 3D printed device features a weighted knob that satisfyingly springs back to center when moved. Download from Printables

 joy fidget 3D printed

Finger Slinger - Print In Place Spinning Fidget

Like a butterfly knife, but smoother and safer, this hypnotically distracting toy for restless hands is weighted for satisfying flipping without any supports. Download from Printables

3D printed finger slinger

1/4" Hex Bit Ratchet Wrench Tool and Fidget Toy

Enjoy the satisfying click of its reversible ratchet mechanism while loosening or tightening screws and bolts, or use it to relieve stress while you work. Download from Printables

Fidget Clicking Wheel

Enjoy satisfying clicks with this 3D printed fidget wheel! It consists of a spinning wheel with a clicking mechanism that provides a gratifying sensory experience. Download from Printables

3D print Fidget Clicking Wheel

Pinnacle Gear Sphere

The 3D printed gear sphere with smooth rotating pins instead of screws. Make it even cooler by printing in multiple colors. Download from Printables

3D print Pinnacle Gear Sphere

Magnetic Sliding Fidget

Focus your mind and keep hands occupied with this ingenious fidget's mix of textures and magnetic resistance! Customize sensory feedback with 9 bead sizes. Download from Printables

magnetic sliding fidget to 3D print

TikTok Bolt Action Fidget Toy

Just pull back the textured bolt handle and release to enjoy the mesmerizing motion and magnetic click as it shoots forward. This pocket-sized desk toy is perfect for adults and children alike. Download from Printables

TikTok Bolt Action Fidget Toy 3D print

Flower Fidget

Watch the pedals smoothly spin for endless distraction. This hypnotic desk toy engages restless fingers and provides satisfying sensory play. Download from Printables

3D printed Flower Fidget

Square Fidget Toy

Unravel the puzzle-like nature of these geometric shapes with this fidget toy. By manipulating the toy, you can transform a square into a triangle! Download from Printables

Square Fidget Toy to 3D print

3D Printed Punching Bag Desk Toy with Finger Gloves

The set includes finger gloves for comfort and playful boxing fun. Just slip them on and start punching away! Download from Printables

3D Printed Punching Bag Desk Toy with Finger Gloves

PC Gaming 3D Printed Fidget

Designed for gamers, this 3D printed fidget toy merges a clicky button, spinning wheel, and smooth roller. Its compact vertical design sits on your desk for quick sensory input during gaming breaks. Download from Cults

PC Gaming 3D Printed Fidget

3D Print Fidget Soda

Twist the removable cap, flick the springy pull tab, and spin the labeled bottle body in your hands. Although looking just like a mini soda, it is with endless fidgeting possibilities. Download from Cults3D Print Fidget Soda

Wankel Rotary Fidget Spinner Toy to 3D Print

This 3D printed toy is designed to spin and glide with an intricate, hypnotizing motion. It's shaped like a triangular Dorito chip and an internal rotor smoothly spins within its housing. Download from Printables

Wankel Rotary Fidget Spinner Toy to 3D Print

3D Printed Fidget Nozzle

Twist, spin, and flip this satisfying 3D printed fidget nozzle for a smooth tactile experience with its rotating beveled tip. Portable pocket fidget toy. Download from Cults

3D Printed Fidget Nozzle

Chain Link 3D Print Fidget

The segments twist, spin, and fold over each other, providing endless fidgeting possibilities. Print multiple colors for more visual interest while you snap the chains together. Download from Printables

Chain Link 3D Print Fidget

Kobayashi Fidget Cube to 3D Printed

Upgrade to this oversized fidget cube, ideal for a substantial sensory experience or larger hands. It offers easy printing and customizable multicolor options. Download from Thingiverse

Kobayashi Fidget Cube to 3D Printed

The Flat 3D Print Hexagon With a Spin

Enjoy the mesmerizing motion of this slim, pocket-sized 3D printed gear toy. Spin it during study or work for a hypnotizing fidget experience. Download from Printables

Rotating 4 Rings Toy 3D Printed Fidget Sphere with Different Patterns

Stay engaged with this 3D printed fidget sphere, featuring four independently rotating rings! Enjoy satisfying clicks and spins for hours of hypnotic fidgeting. Download from Printables

Small Snowman Fidget to 3D Print

Small yet packed with sensory play, this mini snowman fidget toy offers endless fun. Spin the body, flick the hat, roll the textured middle section, and more. Download from Thingiverse

Manual Gear Shift 3D Printed Fidget

Shift into high gear with this 3D printed manual gear shift fidget! Experience the classic feel of changing gears in an automobile for hands-on fidget toy. Download from Printables

8 point star concentric fidget

Captivate everyone who touches it with its enchanting design. Buy it and relieve yourself. Download from Maker World

Perfect Gear Bearing to 3D Print

This powerful gear spins smoothly without assembly. Just twist the middle section for up to 6 seconds of effortless spinning. Download from Printables

Perfect Gear Bearing to 3D Print

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