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Finest 20 Innovative 3D-Printed Storage Boxes and Containers to Organize Your Space Effectively

Jun 12,2024 | 3D4Create

In today's fast-paced, tech-savvy environment, the quest for efficient and stylish storage solutions has never been more relevant. Whether you're looking to declutter your workspace or add a modern touch to your home decor, these 20 finest storage boxes and organizers can meet a wide array of needs and tastes. Join us as we explore these innovative designs that not only offer smart storage solutions but also make a statement with their unique and eye-catching features.

Gridfinity Storage Box

A 5x4 Gridfinity baseplate is hidden in a 230 x 188 x 55mm box (Z+1.5mm stacking tab on top), secured by a grid of Gridfinity container bottom profiles in the lid, complete with a label holder. Besides, the boxes are stackable and can also be secured to each other by the catches.

Find it in Printables

3D Printed SnapLock Storage Boxes

This is a snaplock storage box without extra hardware like screws, which makes it easy to be printed. A completely new closing mechanism is developed and realized in this box, which utilizes the natural elasticity of the plastic for a satisfying snap-close.

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Mechanical Iron Man SD Card Holder

This is a 3D-printed storage box inspired by the iconic Iron Man helmet, and you can store your SD cards and credit cards in this holder. The craftsmanship showcases clean lines and detailed segments, making it not only a practical storage solution but also an impressive decorative item.

Find it in Ultimaker Thingiverse

Stackable Open Front Storage Boxes

Enjoy a series of 3D-printed storage boxes that save you maximum space. With rims aligned across boxes of various heights, these boxes are stackable. Moreover, they are also stable, as side profiles and ribs ensure perfect prints in PLA and PETG, preventing bulging when storing heavy items.

Find it in Printables

The Toka Storage Container | Desk Organizer and Misc Holder

With an evenly spaced spiral surface, this 3D-printed storage container can captivate the eye and add a touch of sophistication to any room. Besides, the clean, minimalist aesthetic with a modern twist fits seamlessly into any decor style.

Find it in Printables

Pokemon Card Storage Box

This is a large storage box for Pokemon cards. It has divider slots every 10mm to keep cards organized. The slots don't go to the bottom to help prevent cards from getting pinched or bending. Putting a divider somewhere close to the middle helps make the lid latch a little more securely.

Find it in Printables

3D-Printed Pumpkin Box

This 3D-printed pumpkin box can be printed in place without supports and has a screw in the stalk to lock it closed, which is easy to carry and move. You can also try remixing  it by 'carving' a face for Halloween, adapting to the horrible atmosphere.

Find it in Printables

Portable Rotatable Data Cable Organizer

Tired of untangling a web of wires every time you need to charge your devices or connect peripherals? Say hello to the solution that will revolutionize your cable management – The Ultimate Portable Rotatable Data Cable Organizer Storage Box. It's time to bid farewell to the days of messy wire winding and say hello to an organized and clutter-free workspace.

FInd it in Printables

Tardis Storage Box

Inspired by Dr. Who, this is a T.A.R.D.I.S. box with a removable lid, there to store whatever you like. Though it is constrained by human physics and is not big on the inside, you can still store Skittles or jelly in this box, making it a snack food container. 

Print it in MakerWorld

Tea Storage Box Organizer

Enjoy a 3D-printed simple tea storage box with a window in the front to put a bag of tea as a ‘label’, so it is easier for people to take their chosen tea out. The lid helps to keep the dirt out and maintain it clean. The box is stackable and easy to print without support.

Find it in MakerWorld

Rubik's Cube Secret Storage Box

Perfectly blending style and functionality, this attractive cube is designed to keep your essentials safe and organized. It provides critical camouflage as it looks like the same as a real cube. With its spacious interior, you can store anything from jewelry to desk accessories with ease.

Find it in Cults

Star Wars Shatterpoint Miniatures Storage Box

Does the Terrain from the Core set take too much space back in the box and you don't know where to keep all the minis? Are you afraid of those tiny and slim lightsabers breaking? Store all of your Star Wars Shatterpoint miniatures from the core set plus expansions in this storage box. The big enough inner space can promise the safety of your valuable but delicate models. 

Find it in Cults

3D Printed Block Pill Box

This is a 3D-printed block pill box that can help people to organize the administration time for daily life or during travel. You can add or remove the boxes, and choose the inside pot as needed. Easy to assemble and can be printed with no supports.

Find it in MakerWorld

Honeycomb Storage Wall

Are you tired of numerous boxes in your home or workplace? Now, this honeycomb storage wall can bring you a different experience. The base structure is a sheet featuring a honeycomb grid pattern, and the hexagonal grid design allows for modular and customizable placement of storage holders and hooks. This design is not just storage; it's a statement of organized precision and modern design.

Find it in Printables

Desk Drawer Modular

The choice is yours: utilize it as a desk drawer or mount it beneath your desk for additional surface area. Engineered for seamless operation, the drawers feature rounded corners and rails to minimize surface drag resistance, ensuring smooth functionality. Built-in pull-out protection prevents accidental drawer removal, safeguarding your belongings from falling. Finally, a base and top cover complete the look, transforming it into an on-desk drawer and concealing any holes as desired.

Find it in MakerWorld

Robot Desk Organizer

This cute robot desk organizer is a whimsical and functional accessory designed to hold various desk items. The torso of the robot serves as a storage compartment with a hinged door for keeping small items like pens, pencils, and other desk supplies. Try to make it a practical addition to any desk.

Find it in MakerWorld


Cupholder Organizer

Introducing this nifty cupholder organizer! Remember those times where you're at a gas station and can't find the right coins because they are scattered around your car? Well, this organizer is the solution for you! Fits into most car cupholders, and can hold all American coins, as well as credit cards, cash, and pens for all your needs.

Find it in MakerWorld

Office Lawn Cable Organizer

Even an indoor office needs a patch of grass to organize the cables! This design can meet your needs of bringing green to the office, and it is a stylish way to group all the various power cables, concentrating them in one place, including phones, power banks, wireless earphones, and mice. Everything will find a place on this lawn!

Find it in MakerWorld

Simple AAA Battery Storage Box

This is a battery storage container, it has holes to maintain the batteries in a vertical position which is very practical, for up to 16 batteries. Each container has individual slots to hold the batteries upright, ensuring they don't move or roll around. The slots are circular and fit the shape of the batteries snugly.

Find it in Printables

3D Printed Screw Cap Storage Box

This kind of container is cylindrical. Each container has a screw-on lid and ridges around the exterior for easy gripping. Besides, the containers appear to be made of plastic and have a solid and sturdy construction. The lids are designed to fit tightly, ensuring the contents inside remain secure. These storage boxes are ideal for small items like pills, beads, or other small materials that need to be kept organized and easily accessible.

Transform Your Space Right Now!

Bringing personalized organization to your space is now easier than ever with customized 3D-printed storage boxes and containers. We covered some of the finest designs – from intricate organizers to sturdy containers – that you can start printing today with a desktop 3D printer. Find a design that suits your needs and style, make any custom tweaks for the perfect fit, and print away! Transform your storage solutions and elevate your organization game with these top-notch 3D-printed boxes.

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