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Top 10 3D-Printed Gun Models: Bests for Creativity

Jun 07,2024 | 3D4Create

Due to handiness and security, more and more enthusiasts and hobbyists turn to 3D printing to create their gun models. Whether you are a tech aficionado, a DIY enthusiast, or simply curious about the advancements in additive manufacturing, 3D-printed gun models are creative products that you can not miss. You can find the 10 best 3D-printed gun models in this blog, showcasing a blend of impressive engineering, creativity, and functionality.

MOSQUITO Airsoft Gun Kit

Being designed with the appearance of a carbine, the MOSQUITO is an open-source, modular, 3D-printed airsoft kit designed to be a pure menace on the airsoft battlefield. This kit takes the V3 gearbox and hop-up chamber of a TM-based AK platform and transforms them into a tiny powerhouse, removing all unnecessary space to focus on pure airsoft performance.

Find it in Printables

3D Printed Prop Gun | Revolver - Single Action

Do you want a fully printed revolver without multimaterial, supports, rafts or whatever? This revolver can meet your needs. As pulling the hammer can turn the cylinder to the next round, and the cylinder can be flipped out on the side to exchange the rounds, the 3D-printed gun model imitates the real revolver, increasing its playability.

Find it in Printables

Model 1887 - Mechanically Working Winchester Prop Gun

Do you love the aesthetics of the classy Winchester Model 1887? Being featured in Terminator 2, CoD, FarCry, Battlefield, and other widespread media, you can finally experience it live in your living room. It also works great as a Cosplay accessory!

Find it in Printables

(PLAS)TEC-9 V1 Bolt Action Desk Toy

This 3D-printed TEC-9 model has the potential to shoot a whole 1ft! However, it has the same handicaps as the real TEC-9, including jamming, failure to fire, and double feeding, making it more realistic :-D

Find it in Printables

3D-Printed Airsoft Desert Eagle

With the same ergonomic design, this 3D-printed model imitates one of the most famous handguns, Desert Eagle. Due to its conspicuous golden color, the gun radiates an air of nobility and elegance. Besides, the hammer and the cylinder are included in this 3D-printed model, and the trigger can be pulled, which increases its playability.
Find it in MakerWorld

3D Printed Glock 17

This is another replication of a classic pistol type. All details are carefully carved out, including the textures on the grip, the tiny screws and parts on the body, and the smooth surface of the barrel. The pure black design adds camouflage. 

Find it in MakerWorld

3D-Printed AK47

Are you looking forward to owning a replica of a rifle sold for over 100 million since it was created in 1947? As a classic rifle that is featured in numerous games, it is cool to get a 3D-printed one and decorate yourself with it for cosplay. Different colors are available which can demonstrate your style. 

Find it in MakerWorld

Small Toy Nerf Gun Pistols

This is a toy pistol designed for kids' play, it can be taken apart easily by a small tool hidden in the pistol grip, so have fun in assembling and disassembling, and also you can shoot if you put suitable springs in it.

Find it in MakerWorld


Tiny Toy Blaster V2 (6mm Airsoft Toy Gun)

This tiny airsoft toy gun is handy and portable, so there is no limitation on the place you play with it. The structure of the toy gun is simple, which is made out of purely printed plastic and two rubber bands (One for the trigger and one for the magazine).

Find it in Printables

N-HK d.U.M.P. Full Auto Foam Dart Nerf Gun

This 3D-printed Nerf gun is a full-auto Nerf blaster that uses angled talon mags. With a lot of hollowed-out space, the design of the gunstock is simple and neat. The whole nerf gun is exquisite and detailed, which is suitable for a nerf gun collection or exhibition. 

Find it in Printables

Come and Join the World of Engineering and Creativity

The world of 3D-printed gun models is ever-evolving, showcasing an incredible blend of innovation and technology. These models highlight the potential of additive manufacturing in creating unique and customizable firearms. Whether for educational purposes, hobbyist projects, or practical applications, 3D-printed gun models represent a fascinating intersection of creativity and engineering. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in this rapidly growing field.

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