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10 Cool 3D Pen Templates for Animals

Jan 03,2024 | 3D4Create

Tired of plain paper crafts? 3D pens allow anyone to draw cute animals and other designs in mid-air using melted plastic! With just a steady hand and some creativity, you can use 3D pen templates to make colorful standing animal models. 


1. Butterfly for 3D Pen Templates

Butterflies make for a great starting template with their bold colors and symmetrical wings. Try the following process:

  • Draw a basic oval body in the center of the abdomen.
  • Extend two larger oval wings on each side, ensuring they match in size.
  • Attach two antennae lines above the head.
  • Add small circles for simple eyes and patterns on the wings.

Use bright colors like orange, yellow, or blue for a vibrant 3D butterfly. The plastic cools and hardens quickly as you complete each component while holding the pen steady.

8 Cool 3D Pen Templates for Animals

Butterfly Stencil Templates

PCL 3D Pen Filament 1.75mm 50M - Bright, Fluorescence, Classic

2. Turtle for 3D Pen Animals

Slow and steady wins the race when drawing this cute turtle with a 3D pen:

  • Start with an oval shell base sitting flat on the surface.
  • Draw the turtle’s round head sticking out from the shell at the top.
  • Extend four short legs from the underside of the shell base.
  • Customize your turtle by writing your name or initials on the curved shell!

In minutes you can create a personalized 3D turtle figure as a desk companion, then fill in the shell pattern and facial details.

3. Dog Template for 3D Print Pens

Any canine lover will enjoy this easy dog template made in mid-air with a 3D pen:

  • Draw a rounded square head and attach two floppy ears.
  • Add an oval body beneath with short cylinders for legs.
  • Extend a curly tail at the back of the body.
  • Draw dots for the eyes, a nose, and a collar to finish your puppy design.

Plastic extruded from a 3D pen cools rapidly so your playful pup will be standing on the page in no time!

4. Fish Template for Drawing with 3D Pens

Give life to an underwater scene with a free-swimming fish made with this template:

  • Create a flat teardrop-shaped body, wider at the back.
  • Add a small mouth pucker near the front.
  • Attach a larger triangular tail fin and smaller pectoral fins.
  • Draw wavy lines for detailing on the tail and fins.

Goldfish, clownfish, betta fish, and more can swim their way off the page with this easy fish outline. Let your imagination run wild with colors and patterns.

8 Cool 3D Pen Templates for Animals

The Golden Fish Template For a 3D Pen

5. Step-by-Step Snake Template for 3D Doodling

This s-s-s-serpentine template makes crafting a 3D snake model easy as pie:

  • Sketch an elongated, winding oval body.
  • Draw a small oval head with a forked tongue.
  • Loop the body into coils and S-curves.
  • Add oval shapes down the body for a segmented rattlesnake look.

Use contrasting colors along the snake’s length or go camouflage with patterns. Your reptilian creation will look ready to slither off the page!

6. Octopus Stencil for 3D Pen Drawing

Release your inner marine biologist and construct a friendly octopus with eight tapering arms:

  • Draw a round head with two large eyes as the base.
  • Extend eight straight tube-shaped tentacles all around.
  • Curve the ends of the tentacles wider for suction cups.
  • Optionally add a darker brown color along the underside of the arms.

In just minutes, you’ll have a cute 3D octopus model perfect for ocean themes and decorating.

7. Elephant Sketch Template for 3D Doodling Fun

It’s easy to bring this popular pachyderm to life with a 3D pen using basic shapes:

  • Draw a large oval for the head and two big floppy ears.
  • Add an arching tube for the trunk to curl downward.
  • Extend four thick columns for legs stabilized by large feet.
  • Finish with a small curving tail.

With some creative pattern work for elephant hide wrinkles, you can craft a delightful 3D elephant figure for decorative use.

8 Cool 3D Pen Templates for Animals

Elephant 3D Pen Creations

8. Panda Pattern for Easy 3D Printing Pen Projects

Doodle an adorable panda pal with this 3D pen template. Follow the rounded head and body outline as you draw with melted filament. Build up layers to create fluffy ears, black eye patches, and a cute snout.

Use your 3D smarts to turn flat lines into a playful, fleshed-out panda. This template makes it fun and easy to craft a squishy bear buddy. Just grab your 3D pen and some filament to get started on your black-and-white creation!

9. Owl Contour for 3D Pen Drawing

Fans of these wise night birds can recreate them in 3D with this speedy template:

  • Start with a large oval shape for the owl’s head and face.
  • Add two large half-circle eyes and a pyramid beak.
  • Draw V-shapes for feather ear tufts on top of the head.
  • Extend wide wings on both sides for flight.
  • Scribble feathery textures into the wings with the 3D pen.

Instantly create your own plastic owl model for desk or shelf display with this handy template.

8 Cool 3D Pen Templates for Animals

Owl 3D Pen Creation

10. Lion Template for Beginning 3D Pen Artists

Roar with creativity using this 3D pen lion template! The king of the jungle comes to life through smooth curved mane lines and a playful expression. Follow the outline for sculpting an iconic lion's head and shoulders. Layer melted filament to build a bold, maned mane.

Add playful eyes and a nose to finish your mini lion. This simple yet majestic design will unleash your inner artistic beast!

Tips for 3D Pen Templates for Animals

Using 3D pen templates can make it easier to create detailed animal designs. When looking for templates, search for ones made specifically for 3D pens, as these will have thicker lines that are easier to trace. 

Start with bigger templates rather than tiny detailed ones. Trace the template outlines slowly and carefully, keeping an even speed. If you make a mistake, you can usually smooth it over once you finish the outline. Make sure to keep your 3D pen upright while tracing so the plastic flows downwards and doesn't blob up.

Once done tracing, let it cool completely before removing the template. You can then decorate your animal with patterns, textures or other colors if desired. 

Scribble 3D Drawing Pen For Child Education


Drawing with melted plastic filament using 3D pens opens amazing new avenues for crafting and creativity. With just a basic mental template for animals, anyone can easily make lively 3D models of butterflies, turtles, dogs, fish and other creatures.

So unlock your inner artist with these fun outlines for doodling animals freehand using a 3D pen! The only limit is your imagination. Experiment with original colors and patterns as you learn this satisfying new handicraft. What unique 3D pen templates will you come up with next? Share your own cool designs and join the 3D pen animal kingdom!



1. How to make animals with a 3d pen?

Start with basic shapes like spheres and cylinders to form the body, head, legs, etc. Use lighter pressure to add details like eyes, ears, and tails. Drawing slowly and letting layers cool creates dimension. Practice with simpler animals first, then advance to more complex creatures.

2. What cool things can you use a 3d pen for?

3D pens can make artistic sculptures, structural models, jewelry, home decor, figurines, prototypes, and more. Kids enjoy using them to draw their favorite characters, make DIY toys, or create their own inventions. The possibilities are endless!

3. How do 3d pens for kids work?

3D pens for kids use the same FDM technology as 3D printers, melting and extruding plastic filament through a nozzle as you draw. Models designed for kids have safer temperature controls, and ergonomic grips, and are easy to use under supervision. The following included project guides to help kids learn.


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