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The 15 Most Innovative 3D Printed Swords - Collapsible and Mystical

Feb 16,2024 | 3D4Create

Cosplay enthusiasts utilize digital files of intricate sword designs that can be 3D printed with great detail and customization. 

This article showcases 15 excellent 3D-printed swords. Each piece includes useful tips for optimizing printing and assembly to elevate cosplay costumes.


1. Collapsible Sword with Adjustable Handle

Experience unparalleled excitement in your role-playing, cosplay, and party events with this revolutionary collapsible sword. Its sleek design conceals a compact 25.5cm blade, but with a swift motion, the handle seamlessly transforms, revealing an impressive extended length of 85cm. Prepare to make a grand entrance and catch everyone's eyes with this versatile and attention-grabbing weapon of choice.

  • Who designed it? 3D4Create Exclusive Designer "Mech K"
  • How popular is it? 64.8K TikTok views
  • Where to find it?  3D4Create  3D4Create's Tiktok

collapsible sword with adjustable handle

3D Printed Collapsible Sword with Adjustable Handle


2. Collapsing Master Sword

Journey into the world of fantasy with the awe-inspiring master sword! This 3D-printed marvel pays homage to the legendary weapon from a beloved video game series. Its collapsible design allows you to fold it up for convenient transport or display.

collapsible master sword


3. Zelda Master Sword

Bring Hyrule's iconic weapon to life with this master sword from the Legend of Zelda! It is designed to match the classic blade including a yellow winged crossguard and purple hilt.

zelda master sword


4. Collapsible Glowing Lightsaber

This innovative 3D-printed lightsaber effortlessly brings intergalactic style to your collection! By following the installation guide and incorporating the LED light assembly, you can effortlessly illuminate the transparent blade with either a bright or soft white glow. For an extra touch of excitement, it even features a flash mode that adds a dazzling display. Furthermore, the handle is designed to accommodate a rotating bearing, allowing you to effortlessly spin the lightsaber continuously with a simple hook of your finger.

collapsible glowing lightsaber

3D Printed Collapsible Glowing Lightsaber

5. Retractable Pirate Sword

This versatile accessory is ideal for pirate cosplay or dress-up. It's retractable, making it easy to store and carry during all your exciting high-seas adventures.

Designed with intricate details and a classic pirate look, this sword adds the perfect final flourish to your swashbuckling attire. Get ready to set sail on daring escapades with style!

retractable pirate sword


6. 3D Printed Katana Sword

The Katana Sword is a remarkable fusion of ancient Japanese craftsmanship and modern convenience. The intricate details and sleek form capture the essence of a traditional katana, providing both an exquisite collector's item and a practical weapon for cosplay or display.

3d printed katana sword


7. Curved Blade Katana

This great sword is a fusion of ancient Japanese features and modern convenience. The curved blade, also known as a "tachi" or "katana," captures the essence of traditional design favored by samurai warriors throughout history.

The 15 Most Innovative 3D Printed Swords - Collapsible and Mystical


8. Collapsing Drill Sword

This remarkable 3D-printed masterpiece combines functionality and convenience, allowing you to easily transport and store it for your cosplay events and parties.

With its gleaming drill blade by rainbow filament and sophisticated collapsing design, this sword is guaranteed to make you the center of attention at any event. 

3D Printed Collapsing Drill Sword - Perfect for Cosplay and Halloween


9. Retractable Dagger

Step into the shadows with the captivating dagger! This masterpiece combines elegance and functionality in perfect harmony. The intricate details and sleek form capture the essence of a traditional dagger, making it a perfect accessory for cosplay or theatrical performances.


retractable dagger


10. 3D-Printed Hydrox Sword

With its bold scale and vibrant colors, the hydrox sword makes a statement at any cosplay gathering or convention. The collapsing function adds visual intrigue, as the blade appears to magically shrink and expand on command. 

The 15 Most Innovative 3D Printed Swords - Collapsible and Mystical


11. Collapsing Broadsword

Prepare to stand out in battle with the magnificent broadsword! This 3D-printed work of art perfectly integrates classic design into modern ingenuity.

With its intricate details and robust construction, this sword shines as a standout piece for cosplay or display purposes.

The 15 Most Innovative 3D Printed Swords - Collapsible and Mystical


12. 3D Printed Master Sword

This sword is a stunning and iconic replica of the legendary weapon from a beloved video game series, capturing the essence and power of the original design.

3d print master sword


13. Strong Sword

This 3D-printed strong sword features a solid construction with a reinforced hilt and a sturdy blade, making it a reliable choice for enthusiasts, sparring, or stage performances. 

3d print sword


14. 3D Printed Retractable Sword with Mecha-Style Trigger Switch 

Prepare for battle with the upgraded retractable sword featuring a Mecha-style trigger switch for instant activation. Press the control switch to activate the seamless sliding mechanism. Adorned with a dazzling diamond pattern, the blade adds a unique flair to every slash and pivot. The versatile design makes it the ultimate accessory for cosplayers, role-playing, and party costumes.


15. 3D-Printed Darksaber

The DarkSaber, a collapsible sword prop, is a 3D-printed marvel that embodies power and elegance. As you hold the DarkSaber, you'll be captivated by its aura of darkness and mystique. Its sleek hilt and solid blade exude an air of authority, drawing the eye with its strikingly black appearance.

3d print sword darksaber


Collapsing Sword 3D Print Troubleshooting

If you're facing any issues with your collapsible 3D-printed sword, fear not! Troubleshooting is here to save the day.

  • Check the assembly: Ensure all components of the collapsible sword are correctly assembled and securely connected.
  • Remove obstructions: Verify that there are no loose or obstructing parts that may impede the smooth folding action.
  • Inspect joints and hinges: Examine the joints and hinges for any signs of wear or damage.
  • Apply lubricant: If the sword doesn't collapse smoothly, try to apply a small amount of lubricant to the moving parts for improved mobility.
  • Seek community support: Consult online 3D printing communities for troubleshooting advice and tips from experienced users.
  • Contact the designer: If the issue persists, reach out to the designer for further assistance and guidance to resolve the problem promptly.



From foldable blades that add convenience and portability to mystical creations that captivate with their intricate details, these 3D-printed swords are masterpieces of artistry and engineering.

Whether you're a cosplayer looking to bring your character to life or an enthusiast seeking unique collectibles, the possibilities are endless. Embrace the magic of the 15 most innovative 3D-printed swords and let your imagination soar through the realms of fantasy and adventure!



1. Are these 3D printed swords safe for use in mock battles or stage performances?

A: Absolutely! While they are primarily designed as props, many of the 3D printed swords featured in this blog are created with durable materials that can withstand moderate use. However, it's important to exercise caution and follow proper safety guidelines when engaging in any physical activity.

2. Can the collapsible swords be easily assembled and disassembled?

A: Yes, one of the key features of the collapsible swords showcased in this blog is their user-friendly assembly and disassembly process. They are designed to be convenient and portable, allowing for easy transport and storage without sacrificing quality or aesthetics.

3. Do the mystical swords come with any special effects?

A: Indeed! The mystical swords highlighted in this blog often incorporate various special effects to enhance their enchanting appeal. Some may include LED lights, sound modules, or even smoke effects to create an immersive and fantastical experience, making them perfect for cosplay, performances, or simply as eye-catching display pieces.


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