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Pen Holder 3D Print: 25 Best Models for 3D Printing

Oct 16,2023 | 3D4Create

Enjoy the world of innovation with our carefully curated selection of the best 25 3D-printed pen holders, providing endless entertainment and relaxation in your workplace in 2024. Whether you want a holder themed after your favorite movie character or a chic minimalist design, there is a unique 3D-printed pen holder to fit your style.


1. Chubby T-Rex Dino Pencil Holder

The dinosaur pencil holder is an adorable and functional addition to any desk or workspace. It combines charm and utility, featuring a lovable chubby T-Rex design that is sure to bring a smile to your face. 

Find it in Printables



2. Woven Pencil Holder

The woven pencil holder is a unique and stylish addition to any desk or office space. This design showcases an intricate woven design that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your workspace. 

Find it in Printables


3. Tree Branch Pen Holder

Let nature inspire your workspace with this 3D-printed pen holder of a tree branch. The 3D design mimics real tree bark and branches for pens. Use brown filament for a woodsy look.

Find it in myminifactory

Pen Holder 3D Print: 15 Best Models for 3D Printing


4. Doodlebob Pen/Pencil Holder

The 3D design mimics the scary doodlebob in SpongeBob. This fun little desktop pen holder can definitely amaze your friends.

Find it in Printables



5. Airplane Pencil Holder

This creative plane-shaped organizer has a spinning propeller and 'flies' up when lifted, making it an eye-catching and functional accessory. The lightweight cup holds pens, pencils, and other desk essentials neatly in the plane's body. 

Find it in Cults

Pen Holder 3D Print: 15 Best Models for 3D Printing


6. Wavy Pencil Holder - Vase mode

Unleash your creativity with the innovative and visually captivating pencil holder! This 3D printed cup pushes the boundaries of design, featuring an imaginative wavy pattern that adds a touch of dynamism and fluidity to your desk. 

Find it in Printables

Pen Holder 3D Print: 15 Best Models for 3D Printing


7. Pencil-shaped Pen Holder

Designed to look just like a part of a giant pencil, this 3D printable pen holder can attract others's attention. Different colors are available. 

Find it in Makerworld           


8. F1 Tires Pen Holder

Rev up your desk with the F1 tires pen holder, a sleek and functional masterpiece inspired by the world of Formula 1 racing. This pencil organizer is perfect for racing enthusiasts, car aficionados, or anyone who appreciates the fast-paced world of motorsports.

Find it in Printables

Pen Holder 3D Print: 15 Best Models for 3D Printing


9. Super Mario Bros Pipe Desktop Pencil Holder

Step into the whimsical world of Super Mario Bros with the 3D printed pen holder. This remarkable creation brings the iconic green warp pipes straight to your desk, adding a touch of nostalgia and playfulness to your workspace.

Find it in Printables


Pen Holder 3D Print: 15 Best Models for 3D Printing


10. Modern Pen Stand for Two Pens (Print in Vertical Position)

This modern pen holder stands to hold and display two pens in a stylish and modern way, which meets the needs of minimalists. This 3D design can hold pens up to 150mm wide.

Find it in Printables


11. Cute Crab Pen Holder

Add a sense of whimsy to your workspace with the adorable crab pen holder! This charming desk accessory showcases a cute and friendly crab that securely holds your pens and pencils in place. 

Find it in Printables

Pen Holder 3D Print: 15 Best Models for 3D Printing


12. Spine Pen Holder

This pen and pencil holder is made from a real CT scan of the human cervical vertebra, which can make your desk unique.

Find it in Printables


13. Diamond Pencil Holder

This is a simple pencil holder with diamonds texture. Great for any desk or office in need of pencil clean.

Find it in Printables



14. Groot Pen Holder

Bring a touch of magic to your workspace with the Groot pen holder! This charming desk accessory features the beloved character from Guardians of the Galaxy, Groot, in an adorable and functional design.

Find it in Cults

Pen Holder 3D Print: 15 Best Models for 3D Printing


15. The Little Box: Pencil Pot

This pen holder is a compact and versatile tool that doubles as a storage unit for your essential tech accessories. This 3D printed box is the perfect solution for individuals looking for a simple yet functional desk accessory.

Find it in Cults

Pen Holder 3D Print: 15 Best Models for 3D Printing


16. Cheezy Pen Holder

Crafted with the precision of a cheese connoisseur and seasoned with just the right amount of humor, this 3D model promises to add a dash of gouda goodness to your workspace.

Find it in Cults


17. Surface to Air Pen holder

This surface to air pen holder is cool to the lovers of missiles. When you have notes to write but bogies are in the air.

Find it in MakerWorld


18. Trash Can Pen Holder

This 3D-printed pencil holder is made to look like an old vintage metal trash can/bin with a lid. It can add fun to your boring work if it's placed on the desk.

Find it in MakerWorld


19. DNA Pen / Paintbrush Holder

This DNA-shaped pen holder ingeniously uses pens to represent the base pairs in DNA. This is a good gift for science students and teachers.

FInd it in MakerWorld

20. Octopus Pen Holder

This is a cute little octopus. You can use it as a pen container or any other way you can think of.

Find it in MakerWorld

21. Canon Lens Container and Pen Holder

This is a container made to be a 1:1 replica of a Canon EF-S 18-55mm lens, perfect for photography lovers. 

Find it in MakerWorld

22. Laocoön Pen Holder: A Fusion of Art and Functionality

Step into the realm of classical beauty and practical elegance with the Laocoön Pen Holder. Inspired by the timeless sculpture of Laocoön and his sons, this 3D design reimagines the iconic masterpiece in a functional form.

Find it in MakerWorld


23. Desk organizer- Pen holder

This 3D design can hold your pens and pencils and other office supplies, including rulers, sticky notes, and markers. It can make your desk tidier and more organized.

Find it in MakerWorld

24. Honeycomb Pen, Pencil, Marker Holder

Simple, but classic design to hold all your pens, pencils, and other supplies. Print one to stand in your office, or multiple with different colors to be surrounded by creativity in your art studio.

Find it in MakerWorld

25. Voronoi Pencil Holder Cup, Office Desk Organizer

You can keep your pens and pencils in one place with this stylish Voronoi pencil holder. The Voronoi cell structure gives this holder an elegant look and translucent features. 

Find it in Printables

Tips for 3D Printing Your Own Pen Holder

Ready to start printing your own pen holder? Here are some key tips:

Tip1. Customizing Downloaded Models

Most 3D modeling software allows you to scale, adjust, and remix designs to suit your needs. Expand your holder taller or wider if desired.

If printing modular pieces, use drafting software like Tinkercad, Cura, and Simplify3D to adjust the number of components for your perfect configuration. There is more free slicing software for your design.

Tip2. Choosing the Right 3D Printer and Filament

Consider your printer's build volume - many pen holders are small models. A basic desktop 3D printer like the EasyThreed Nano Mini Printer will work nicely. 

EasyThreed Nano Mini 3D Printer



Bringing personalized style to your desk is now easier than ever with a customized 3D printed pen holder. We covered some of the best models - from decorated pots to sculpted animals - that you can start printing today with a desktop 3D printer. Just find a design that matches your personality, do any custom tweaks for the perfect fit, and print away!



1. What materials can I use to 3D print a pen holder?

You can 3D print pen holders using common materials like PLA, PETG, ABS, and flexible filaments like TPU. PLA is lightweight, smooth, and easy to print. PETG is durable and heat-resistant. ABS is strong and glossy. TPU allows more flexibility.

2. What 3D printing infill should I use for a pen holder?

20-40% infill is recommended for most pen holders to balance strength and print time. You may opt for higher infill percentages if you need more durability or lower infills for faster printing. Solid infill can be used for very heavy pens or extremely thin walls.

3. How can I customize my 3D-printed pen holder?

Many 3D model files allow you to easily customize text, shapes, sizes, and patterns before printing using CAD software. You can also paint or finish the pen holder any way you like post-print. Custom inserts or dividers can also be designed to organize pens and other supplies.


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