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What Can I Do With a 3D Pen? 10 Cool 3D Pen Ideas

Feb 08,2024 | 3D4Create

If you're new to 3D pens or are simply interested in their creative potential, you may be wondering what exactly you can create with one. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination. From decorating everyday objects to making unique art pieces and repairing household items, a 3D pen unleashes your inner inventor.

In this blog post, we'll explore fifteen awesome ways to use a 3D printing pen along with tips to get your creative juices flowing. Let's dive in!

3d pens artworks


Creating Arts and Crafts Projects

One of the most common uses of 3D printing pens is bringing arts and crafts ideas to life. Similar to a hot glue gun but with even more flexibility, 3D pens allow you to draw forms in mid-air for decorative projects.

1. Draw 3D Artwork Decoration

Get creative drawing geometric and abstract 3D artwork by doodling in the air. Start with some simple 3D pen ideas, such as creating shapes like lines, cubes, pyramids, and circles. As you get familiar with the use of the pen, try drawing curved vases, sculptural furnishings, and artistic wall hangings, as well as other decorative accents.

3d printing pen for kids


2. Sculpt Mini Figures

Bring your favorite characters from cartoons, movies, TV shows, and video games to life by sculpting them as 3D miniature figures. Whether creating a tiny version of Pikachu or crafting a SpongeBob, the possibilities are endless. So grab a 3D pen and let your child's creativity soar with these exciting 3D pen project ideas!

drawings with 3d pen

3. Create Textured Vases

A 3D pen is a great tool for adding some flair to plain vases you already own. Draw shapes, patterns, and textures directly onto the vase surface to give it a unique 3D-modeled look. Add floral designs, rainbows, swirls, polka dots, abstract waves, and more for an artsy home accent.

3d pen decorations

Customized Decoration for Vases


Customizing Everyday Items

Inject a dose of personalization and style into your everyday items with the help of a 3D pen. The possibilities are endless! Elevate your jewelry, phones, laptops, shoes, and many other items with a touch of pizzazz.

4. Customize Pendants and Rings Jewelry

Design and prototype your jewelry, such as pendants, beads, crystals, and rings, incorporating intricate textures and layered designs. Using a precision tip, draw your design on a modeling surface then assemble your pieces into wearable art. Make them as gifts or sell them on Etsy. 

5. Custom Personalize Phone Cases

Mass-produced phone cases straight from the factory can often be dull and lacking in personality. Design your own with a 3D pen by drawing directly on the case. Build up grip textures, funny 3D shapes, or even your name and initials to make it uniquely yours. Switch cases for a fresh new look anytime. 

Decorate Your Phone Case with 3D pens

Decorate Your Phone Case with a PLA 3D pen

6. Creating Shoe Designs

Use the 3D pen to draw custom designs directly onto your shoes. You can create patterns, and intricate details, or even write words or quotes that resonate with you. Let your imagination run wild and make your shoes truly one-of-a-kind.

shoes' designs with 3d pen

Create some Decorations for Your Crocs


Fixing and Prototyping

While arts and crafts are fun, 3D pens also have practical uses for repairs and modeling projects.

7. Repair Broken Plastic Items 

Before tossing out cracked plastic parts from toys, cases, or appliances, try using a 3D pen to fill in gaps and "weld" pieces back together. The ability to fix faults in existing plastic makes repairs a cinch. It also saves money!

8. Product Design and Prototyping

Engineers, inventors, and designers can use a 3D pen in the early stages of the design process to quickly mock up rough prototypes. Test shapes and ergonomics before investing money and time in detailed 3D printing or injection molding. Iterating is also easy with a 3D pen.

prototyping with 3d pens

Rapid Prototyping Made Easy with 3D Pens


Improving STEM learning

A 3D printing pen is a great STEM learning tool for kids to explore 3D design concepts through hands-on play and creation. With supervision, kids can benefit in many ways from that.

9. Develop Spatial Thinking Skills

Drawing in 3D enhances children's geometric thinking and dexterity. As they mold shapes, kids will pick up important engineering and mathematics concepts that form a basis for logical thinking and problem-solving. 

3d pen with pla

10. Experiment with Abstract Shapes

See what comes of aimlessly doodling. Try drawing new abstract shapes and interlocking them in interesting ways. You may be surprised by what innovations emerge from the unplanned connections.

3d pen to craft abstract shapes

Using a 3D Printing Pen to Craft Abstract Shapes



Q1: What are some unique art projects I can make with a 3D print pen?

A1: You can use a 3D pen for freehand doodles, sculptures, customized figurines, styled hair clips, graffiti art, and adding textures to paintings.

Q2: What kinds of repairs are possible with a 3D doodler pen?

A2: 3D pens can fill cracks and holes in plastic items like toys, electronics cases, kitchenware, eyeglass frames, and more. Great for quick fixes.

Q3: Are there any 3D pen projects that have functional purposes?

A3: Yes, you can use a 3D printing pen to create stands, hooks, cable organizers, hinges, handgrips, basic repairs, and customized accessories.


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