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3D-Printed Phone Stands: 20 Prime Innovative and Practical Solutions

Jun 14,2024 | 3D4Create

In today's fast-paced, digitally adept environment, having a reliable and aesthetically pleasing phone stand can significantly enhance your daily productivity and leisure experience. Here are the 20 best phone stands showcasing 3D printing's versatility with customized, ergonomic, and multi-functional designs for diverse needs. You can find a stand suitable for you if you have any different preferences. 

Mobile Exo-Suit

The Mobile Exo-Suit is ingeniously designed to adapt to different phone sizes, ranging from 70mm to 95mm, ensuring a perfect fit for various smartphones. Once placed on the stand, your phone gains arms and legs, giving it a playful and dynamic appearance. Not only that, but the hands of the exoskeleton conveniently hold your charging cable when not in use, keeping everything organized.

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3D Printed Phone Stand with Honeycomb Structure

This 3D-printed stand as a whole presents an inverted triangle with a honeycomb hexagonal cut-out pattern on the back panel, giving it a modern and airy look. There is a raised base on the front to support the phone securely. It also has a place for charging your phone, which makes it more pragmatic.

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Adjustable Phone Stand on Voronoi Patterns

With Voronoi patterns, the stand specializes in keeping airy and lightweight. Besides, these gears and slide parts are used to adjust the height and angle of the stand to adapt it to different usage requirements. The whole design is ingenious with modern aesthetic feelings. 

Find it in MakerWorld

3D Printed Phone Stand - Flat fold

Are you annoyed with how to store your phone stand after using it? This 3D-printed phone stand can solve your problem. It is designed to be as universal as possible, print in place, and fold flat while being very durable. Multiple raised sections around the edge can increase grip onto another section, so you do not need to worry about your phone slipping on the desk.

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Tilt Phone Stand

The stand combines innovative design with functionality, allowing you to comfortably and securely hold your mobile phone at the optimal viewing angle. The gear is not only an iconic symbol of technology and engineering but also brings a fun element to your space. Its compact design makes it easy to fit into your purse or pocket, making it the perfect companion for travel, work, or school.

Find it in MakerWorld

Harry Potter Phone Stand

If you are a big fan of Harry Potter, you can not miss this distinctive Harry Potter phone stand. The main body of the stand is the badge of Hogwarts, and the word "Harry Potter" is carved on the pedestal. The whole design is both pragmatic and decorative, suitable for putting on your desk.

Find it in Printables

Keychain Phone Stand

This stand has a simple L-shaped design that can hold a phone in both portrait and landscape orientation. Moreover, it has a small loop at one end, allowing it to be attached easily to a key ring and always carried with you.

Find it in Printables

3D Printed Mecha Phone/Tablet Stand

Are you willing to have a phone stand with a mecha style? This 3D-printed phone stand has a circular base with four articulated legs resembling mechanical joints and pistons, which provide stability and a futuristic look. It has a sturdy frame that securely holds the phone in place. The overall design gives a blend of functionality and a playful, mechanical charm, making it a visually appealing and practical accessory for holding a smartphone.

Find it in Printables

Phone Arm Stand

Another innovative design of the phone stand. The supporting arm of the stand is composed of multiple segments connected by pivot points, allowing for adjustable angles and positions and making it suitable for multiple use cases. The arm itself is designed with a lattice, which reduces weight while maintaining strength.

Find it in MakerWorld

Superman Smartphone Holder - Phone Stand

With a large "S" set inside the shield, this phone stand is designed in the shape of the iconic Superman logo. The design gives the impression that Superman is pushing or supporting the emblem with great strength, which adds an exciting dynamism to the stand. The logo serves as the surface for holding the phone, combining practical functionality with a visually engaging design for fans of the superhero.

Find it in Cults

Cell Phone Stand F1

This phone stand combines a passion for high speed with functionality in a stunning design. In addition to being a charging stand for your phone, this design makes a stylish and cutting-edge statement. You can print this stand and give your device a prominent place that shows your love for innovation and excellence.

Find it in Cults

3D Printed Multifunctional Phone Stand

Rather than only being a normal phone stand for placing phones, this phone stand provides diversified functions. There are spots to charge your phone, AirPods, and your Apple watch. There is also a small bowl to throw in your keys or some loose change. Most importantly, all wires are hidden by running under the print.

Find it in Printables

Vintage Universal Phone Stand

The beautiful design of a vintage phone remodeled to use as a phone stand would make an aesthetically pleasing addition to any tabletop or desk while doubling as a charging dock for any phone.

Find it in myminifactory

Splat! Mobile Phone Stand

The phone stand in the picture is creatively designed to resemble a splat of liquid. It has a playful and unique shape with uneven, splatter-like edges that make it look as though the phone holder is a liquid splat frozen in time. The material appears to be smooth, giving it a sleek and modern look. Print it and add some fun to your office or bedside table!

Find it in MakerWorld

MCM TV Stand Style Phone Mount

Inspired by the real TV stand, this phone stand resembles the miniature mid-century modern TV stand. The overall look combines practicality with a playful, nostalgic design that would appease fans of retro furniture styles while serving as a functional phone mount.

Find it in MakerWorld

Dog Phone Stand

A perfect gift for dog lovers! The main body of this phone stand is a dog in a seated position, with its tail slightly curled. The base of the stand is slightly inclined, providing a small groove or slot where a phone can be placed securely. This allows the phone to be tilted at an angle that is convenient for viewing. Different colors are available.

Find it in MakerWorld

Snacks Serving Bowl with Waste Compartment and Phone Stand

After a whole day's hard work, enjoying snacks while watching TV series or shows on the smartphone is relaxing. This phone stand can realize people's dreams. It features an integrated phone stand, which securely holds a smartphone in an upright position, allowing the user to watch videos or use the phone hands-free while enjoying their snacks. The design is practical and user-friendly, aimed at enhancing the snacking experience without creating a mess.

Find it in Printables

Phone Stand on Toilet Paper Holder

Are you worried that your phone may fall into the toilet? This phone stand is the solution to your problem. With honeycomb patterns, this phone stand is designed to securely hold a smartphone or other small items while keeping them within easy reach.

Find it in Printables

Tired Bot Phone & Tablet Stand

This is a sleepy robot that holds any phone or tablet. He's here to help as long as he doesn't have to move. The robot's feet are designed with flat surfaces and grooves, providing a stable base to hold a phone or tablet securely in place, while the arms and body of the robot can offer additional support and balance for the device it holds.

Find it in Printables

PikaBall Phone Holder: Pikachu Pokeball Design

Introducing the PikaBall Phone Holder, a delightful blend of Pikachu and Pokeball design! This whimsical phone holder features Pikachu's iconic ears protruding from a classic Pokeball, creating a charming and functional accessory for any Pokemon fan. Crafted with attention to detail, the PikaBall Phone Holder is designed to securely hold your smartphone while adding a touch of playful flair to your desk or workspace.

Find it in MakerWorld

Harnessing Creativity and Practicality through 3D-Printed Phone Stands

From sleek, minimalist designs to intricate, multifunctional creations, these 20 innovative 3D-printed phone stands truly exemplify the versatility and practicality of 3D printing technology in our daily lives. These phone stands are not only aesthetically pleasing and customizable, but they also emphasize the eco-friendly nature and cost-efficiency of 3D printing. As this technology continues to evolve, it's exciting to envision the new and inventive solutions it will bring to our everyday accessories.

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